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The Next Evolution of N.I.A. -- NIL

Nelson Insurance Advisors (N.I.A.) is the premier provider of insurance and financial services for the sports and entertainment industries. Lead by Derek Nelson, brother of Peter Nelson, N.I.A. looks to capitalize on Derek's passion for sports and entertainment (including living 10+ years in Los Angeles) by making N.I.A. a major player in the emerging marketplace of NCAA athletics.


We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service by creating customized insurance and financial plans that best meet their individual needs. We are dedicated to helping ensure our clients’ long-term financial success and security.

"This is an arms race and we're here to be part of your war chest."


Cash Value Life

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We've heard too many horror stories of famous athletes (Antoine Walker, Allen Iverson, etc.) who, despite having made millions of dollars, found themselves broke. At N.I.A., we're here to make sure that never happens.

What is Cash Value Life Insurance?

Think of it as a savings account on steroids -- gaining way more interest than anything a bank offers. The client doesn't need to die to collect the cash value and many policies offer tax advantages to help you maximize profit.

In addition, Cash Value Life Insurance offers "living benefits" (critical illness i.e. heart attack, stroke, cancer or what occurred to Damar Hamlin) that have immense utility to athletes -- being the beneficiary on their own life insurance policy while they're alive, so they can transition their life without their life being destroyed. 

A well-constructed Cash Value Life Insurance Policy acts a non-correlated asset class in your investment portfolio. It will protect your money and future, as well as allow you to take more risks for your portfolio -- knowing a certain percentage of your money is safe and not affected by the whimsical nature of the stock market.

At N.I.A., we build custom Cash-Value Life Insurance strategies that fit your unique needs -- not "cookie-cutter" policies that don't serve you.

Simply put, we build custom homes that don't break.


Sometimes, draft-elgible student-athletes decide to come back to school for an additional season when they have the opportunity to go pro.


Forgoing potentially millions of dollars, it's imperative for these student-athletes to protect themselves and their future.

Here at N.I.A., we posses contacts at niche, international insurance companies that specialize in these unique insurance contracts.


We will ensure your policy gets done in a timely manner from the world's absolute best.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Whether it be the formation of a LLC to minimize income tax or taking on more Disability Insurance (DI) than what a school offers (Permanent Total Disability Insurance a.k.a. PTD), NIA will create a custom strategy that best serves the needs of the athlete and their unique situation.


Helping your University Win Championships On & Off the Field.

In the current world of NIL and the landscape of NCAA athletics, it's simple: adapt or die. With many NCAA Collectives (currently) being allowed by the IRS to classify as a 501(c)3, the team at N.I.A. is there with ground-breaking ideas to help your alma mater into the end zone.


Utilizing tax minimization strategies we use with some of our partners in the 501(c)3 space, N.I.A. can help you save big on your taxes while helping out your beloved university.

With Derek Nelson's passion and knowledge in this space, and Peter Nelson's experience to help your collective facilitate and grow money, N.I.A. should be part of your playbook to take down your rival.

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