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Where we came from -- where we're going

At Nelson Insurance Advisors, we take the time to get to know our clients, their goals and their dreams so that we can provide tailored solutions that will help them get where they want to be. We understand that no two clients are the same, so we take the time to craft a unique plan we call "The Process" that will help them achieve their financial dreams.

Peter Nelson, President/Founder of Nelson Insurance Advisors, struggled his first decade in the industry by being like most insurance agents -- pushing products that he was instructed to do so by his employers' and not listening to his clients' needs.


After mentorship from some of North America's leading Insurance professionals, Nelson developed "The Process" -- taking extra time to focus on a customer's needs; not a particular product. Looking for the freedom to sell the absolute best products on the market and not be captive to any particular insurance company, Nelson went into business for himself.

After 19 years in the insurance and financial services industry,  Nelson saw that there was a need for a new "breed" of Insurance and Financial professional that specialized in the Tax Minimization space. Nelson saw first-hand how small-town Americans were paying more than they needed to and were squandering their family's future.

Helping customers grow their portfolio with a myriad of strategies and always keeping their needs as his north star, Nelson soon flourished -- becoming a distinguished member of the "Million Dollar Round Table" & "Court of the Table." He now finds himself in the top 5% of all Insurance professionals nationwide -- despite being nearly half the age of many of his peers.

Are you sick of the Government, Wall Street, and "Banks" thinking they know how to better spend your money than you do?


We believe our clients should stay in complete CONTROL of their money so they can use it how they see fit instead of the Government, Wall Street and "Banks."


We help you build effective strategies in a more efficient manner.

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